Tiny habits

Tiny habits


Tiny habits method helps you focus on small actions that you can do in less than thirty seconds.

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💡 About the framework

Building habits and creating positive change is hard, but it can be made easier by starting small. Could you write a blog by working on it for a couple of minutes every day? Could you develop an exercise habit by beginning with one push-up per day? Starting small and maintaining consistency means you can begin creating a big change today. The key is to wire new habits, and let them grow naturally.

✂️ How to use it?

1. Choose a goal

Think about a small goal that you've been procrastinating for a long time.

2. Create a recipe

Think about your goal and create a recipe by thinking through three steps:

  1. Anchor moment - What is an existing routine in your life, that can remind you of / trigger the tiny behavior?
  2. Tiny behavior - What is the new habit you want to adopt? Think tiny - scale it back to be very small, and very easy. Now scale it back again - what is the action you can do in less than a minute?
  3. Celebration - What is it that you can do after you take an action to reward yourself? What can you do to create a positive feeling inside yourself?

Your recipe book

Your goalAnchor momentTiny behaviorCelebration

🌊 Example

Your recipe book

Your goalAnchor momentTiny behaviorCelebration
Being more mindful
Getting into my car
I will take 3 deep breaths to ground myself
I will put on a song or a podcast that I really enjoy afterwards
Staying more up to date with current news
Walking out of the house in the morning
I will play a news podcast when on my way to work for 10 minutes
I will buy a coffee on the way to reward myself and make it a little ritual

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